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Total Distance Cycled: 10,325km
Days Biking: 140
Longest Day: 174km (2/12/10)

Tuesday 23 February 2010

The broom of God

Yesterday we went into our first headwind. Or, as the locals call it, we faced 'The broom of God'. I can tell you that if the good Lord was planning to sweep through a person, rootle about in the depths of their soul and leave absolutely no corner of them unblown or unexplored, he succeeded with a vengeance. I ended the day feeling as if I had cycled 50k up the steepest hill imaginable and with the novel understanding of what it is like to have to pedal as hard as you can to go downhill. I was as purged as a person can be and had a face like a beetroot. I can strongly recommend it for anyone feeling pentinent.

In the UK you pass glorious signs telling you that old people will be crossing or that there are sleeping policemen for a mile. In Patagonia you pass signs with images of trees at a horizontal angle, to warn you that very soon you will be the same. Hilarious, arduous and we are having a day off and investigating wind direction with ruthless map planning efficiency.

Many other great things happened and we met some more fantastic people. Phil will tell you all about it later, when he gets of the carpet of our room where he is sprawled with maps of South America hunting down more of God's cleaning devices.

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  1. Poor you! Headwinds are a total nightmare and take the pleasure out of cycling. I hope for your sake that the the prevailing winds come up from the south! We very much enjoy reading all of your postings. Stay positive! Paul and Frances