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Location: London. Back.

Total Distance Cycled: 10,325km
Days Biking: 140
Longest Day: 174km (2/12/10)

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Off we go...

We are currently sitting in the Heathrow Terminal 5 business lounge, enjoying the last vestiges of Northern Hemisphere hospitality, after a comically, idiotically frantic last few days of preparation.  It was always going to be like this, but neither of us had quite envisaged that we would be facing an overnight flight with Liz having slept the grand total of 10 minutes (on the Metropolitan Line) since Monday night.  Indeed, with the taxi gunning the engine outside, poor Liz came out with the immortal line, 'Ah, shoes - I don't have any shoes to put on'.  At that point we realised: we are weary.

However, as the latest photos will prove, we have managed to convince the nice people at British Airways that 135kg of luggage between was a good thing.  Admittedly, this involved frenetic opening of suitcases at check in to rebalance, but in the end we made it.  We felt a bit like Moses crossing the Red Sea with our small convoy of luggage trollies for check in.  Fingers crossed - till they get cramp - that my virginal bike packing efforts allow our bikes to get to Buenos Aires tomorrow morning in one piece.

Right now, it seems a far flung dream to be in the Southern Hemisphere in a matter of hours.  Frankly, we've been so busy that for all the fantastic and moving send offs and messages that we've had (and we haven't even got on our bikes yet!), it's only really dawning on us now that we're tired and emotional what we are actually off to do.

Probably best not to think too hard about it.  It's been manic, and I'm mostly hankering after a few days of sunshine, good wine, red meat and giving Liz a bit of an introduction to 'mi querido Buenos Aires'...  And then it's onto the bus to Ushuaia on Wednesday, when the fun really begins.  If we're not ready now, we never will be.


  1. Wow, what an amazing adventure! Having looked at your photos it is clear that you 'turned left' when boarding the aircraft - a wise move as it looks like it's going to be your last experience of comfort for the next few months!
    Paul: I am especially interested in your progress as, when a mere lad, I cycled up 3700 km of Queensland to the northernmost point in Australia, the last 1000 km of which were heavily corrugated tracks so I have some idea of what you are about to put yourselves through. Coincidentally, every week I see the former London residence of Jose de la Martin on Park Rd just next to Francis Holland School!
    Frances: We must dash as your Uncle 'Dive' is coming for some food poisoning in Hampstead this evening. I have joined Twitter so that I can follow your adventures so you'd better start tweeting as you are the only reason I've joined!!

  2. Good luck and godspeed. Hope to catch up and cycle with you when you hit California!