Latest Update (as at 30/1/11):

Location: London. Back.

Total Distance Cycled: 10,325km
Days Biking: 140
Longest Day: 174km (2/12/10)

Sunday 30 January 2011

Telling tales!

We named our little silver car Tina.

We hired her for a galavant around some last parts of Patagonia we wanted to explore after the cycling was finished. We named her after the country that we had spent most time in on the whole trip. Argentina. Which means silver. And since our little hire car was silver, and pretty tiny, Tina seemed like the obvious choice.

We loved our adventure in Tina. We sped about the country, listening to Christmas Carols from our ipods, laughing at the ridiculous wind that tried to blow even poor Tina off the road or stop us opening her tinny doors and telling each other stories. Stories of our trip.

One of the things we had enjoyed most about our time away was writing about it, telling our tales. We had so much fun over that last three weeks reflecting on the stories of our amazing year. We made lists out loud of animals we had seen, things we had learned, the most glorious descents, the best meals, the worst meals and on and on and on. We tried on one long journey to list in order all the places we had been. We had spent the night in well over 200 places in our 11 months away and we could remember each and every one. The police cell, the glam vineyard, the school....we relived them all.

It was a wonderful way to make a transition back to our lives at home, this time to relax and reminisce.

We had been so lucky to have the chance to do all that we had done. We received such amazing support from home from friends and family, such wonderful generosity from people we'd met on the road, such encouragement through our blog to keep going. We are so grateful for all the people that made it possible.

And I, sitting beside Phil in the tiny Tina tinpot, was so grateful to have been able to go on such an odyssey with him.

If you will indulge me for a moment I must tell tales on him and confess to you what an incredible travelling companion he made. He made my bike for me everytime it needed rebuilding, he did all the heavy lifting the trip required and toured with a much much heavier load than I, he managed all the complex negotiations with policemen, locals, officials in his amazing fluent Spanish whilst we journeyed in the South, he put his thumbs up from far away everytime he had made another deal that meant we had a roof for the night, he made it up stupidly steep climbs and down scarily steep downs, he me laugh, he made the camp food, he made me keep going, he made my day, he made the trip.

And so, when on the penultimate night of our trip he made me an offer on bended knee I didn't hesitate for a moment.

And Reader....I'll marry him.

Thank you so much for following our trip. It was the adventure of a lifetime.

We'll be telling tales of it forever.



  1. We've just finished reading the final two blogs. I'm snivelling (soppy old me) and Andrew has got up to go and re-pack the pannier bags!...ok, Henry isn't quite ready to head off into the distance by bicycle yet (being only 7 months old), but it's only a matter of time! We're so glad you came round for tea that day, and so glad you both decided to go on the adventure together. We've had a wonderful armchair journey with you and are inspired to set off ourselves once more. And yes - this is just the beginning! Happy Days Phil and Liz. Love, Tracy, Andy and Henry

  2. Well, you've done it! Not only had the experience of a lifetime, but have also found out how compatible you are! Congratulations on your touring success, and on your marriage plans! Ken, Ron & I really enjoyed meeting you in California. We wish you love, happiness and many more km's together! Sincerely, Dave in Ottawa

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  5. Hi Phil & Liz: I'm Dave and was with Ken (my son) and Ron (my brother) when we met you a couple times along the US Pacific Coast. You are mentioned here in my journal ( . I am "pruning" my 40,000 photos and ran across ones of you and read some of your journal. I hope you are still enjoying married life. I am still married after 40 years and Ann is my saviour these days because I suddenly came down with a rare form of brain cancer in February (PCNS Lymphoma). I was in hospital for 3 months and have been home since early May. I can barely walk now so had to sell my bikes! Sad but life goes on. Take care and enjoy your lives!

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